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Growing up I was never taught the importance of reading and I was not encouraged to read the Bible in Catholic school. Just as with any typical kid, there was no desire to read as time was taken up by just having a good time!  But after getting saved and becoming born again, the Spirit of God gave me a hunger and thirst to study God's word. I was like a sponge and I couldn't get enough of Bible study and research. As I was being discipled and mentored by my business coaches in my early 20’s, I was challenged to just READ for 30 minutes a day. So I set a goal to read a 1000 books on the 3 main subjects that I was most passionate about – faith/religion, politics/government and business/economics. Over 25 years, this led me to write and develop The Eagle Seminar - The 3 Pillars of Freedom. This is a training class for all Americans, young and old, educating them about the true meaning of liberty and freedom from God's perspective and the Bible. This is also based on our nation's founding documents. What does Religious Freedom, Political Freedom and Economic freedom really mean for you and me as an American citizen?
Here are some of those books that I read which have helped me produce this amazing teaching that I promise will transform your life, encourage you to dream bigger dreams and inspire and instruct you in the importance WHY and HOW to protect and defend your liberty, freedom and your God-given rights.

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Religious Freedom:

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Political Freedom:

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