Zoom Church Services

Zoom church is a new kind of online church experience. We are following the model of the first church in the book of Acts. Everyone participates! We emphasize a more intimate relationship with Christ. We encourage people to build relationships within our church to a community of believers, to worship and pray together, to talk about the things currently happening in our world (spiritual, political and economic) from God’s perspective and to talk about God’s solutions for our problems. Everyone is welcome to participate in our service with prayer requests and comments. Stay tuned …service dates/times TBD.


Freedom Quest America Praise & Prayer Services

The key to taking back America to God and his Kingdom purpose is for the body of Christ to UNITE and work together with a game plan and strategy. This starts with laying down the foundation with PRAYER, PRAISE and WORSHIP and covering everything we do in prayer! This is a quarterly worship service for Christian Patriots to come together in unity to pray for America and our nation’s leaders. It is a service where we praise and worship Jehovah God together. We will be encouraged and inspired with a biblical prophetic message by those who are currently fighting in the battle to take back America to God. We invite all our local government representatives and those candidates running for us to join us so we can encourage then and let them know the body of Christ is supporting them. (Details, dates and times to be announced)


Bible/Book Study "What Were They Thinking?... On Truth, Liberty and Legacy"

Where: Live or Online (dates TBD - please contact us for details)

Duration: 14 weeks (session one 7 weeks, take one week off, session two 7 weeks)

Outline: This book study gives people of all faiths the information they need to understand the most important responsibility we have as a Christian in America. And that is to learn how to defend our liberty, freedom and our God-given rights and protecting our religious freedom based on our Judeo-Christian foundation.

This book and our discussions together will enable you to fully engage in the battle for the heart and soul of our nation. It is the responsibility of the church to be the light and salt that preserves and provides our blessing from and protection from God. Once the body of Christ is educated, united and activated in agreement with God's Word and His promises, then we can start to change the culture in America.


SGS Academy

This is a home-schooling solution for the millions of parents who want to pull their children out of socialist indoctrination centers we used to call public schools. Parents can choose to obey and honor God by providing a better and safer education option and truly train up their children in the way God has commanded us to do. We partner with local churches and business leaders all working together, even helping single parents with their children. This is online schooling partnering with the local church and utilizing their facilities during the week, where kids can spend 2-5 days per week joining other kids for bible chapel, core class training, sports, music, drama, art and science projects. Contact us for more information.


Veteran Outreach

We want to honor all our veterans who served in our nation’s military past and present. For those families who lost a loved one in combat in past wars and conflict we say thank you for your sacrifice. We will never forget nor take for granted the freedom and life we enjoy today because of our veterans’ sacrifice. Veterans Partner Program (VPP) reaches out to veterans to help them get back on their feet, help those struggling financially, help the homeless who need support, and help those who are struggling with depression and mental and physical challenges. Contact us for more information.

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